About Us


Moscow Bible Church came to fruition through the prayers of Gods people and years of connection to, and research

of Moscow, along with good counsel from NICE and other church planters. It's humbling and sometimes awe inspiring to see the vision for MBC come into focus.

The Biblical pattern is for churches to partner in planting new churches. We put before the Lord the need for three area churches to partner with us in this endeavor. If the Lord didn't provide them we simply wouldn't proceed! We had no idea the fervor and enthusiasm.

Our partner churches are Albion Community, Southwick Bible, and Deary Community Bible as our sending church.
They are wholeheartedly committed to praying and giving of themselves. They have provided a Board of Directors, pianists, finances, and many items needed to start this church.sm with which the churcheswouldrespond.

MBC is financially accountable and responsible to NICE and the local Board of Directors. We are incorporated in the State of Idaho as a non-profit church and have been issued a federal tax identification number. We believe in honoring and obeying the government as it is written in the scriptures. We further view the funds given as belonging to God, and pledge ourselves to be good stewards of His resources.

There is one way that God has communicated His purpose, plan, and will to the world. The Bible! We endeavor to be a church identified by its love for God, His word, and one another!

Some Helpful Links

www.nicechurchplanters.org Nearly a half century ago, a group of faithful pastors were concerned that many communities in the Pacific Northwest did not have independent, Bible teaching churches. They determined to work together to plant churches and assist struggling churches in those communities. The result was the birth of Northwest Independent Church Extension (NICE) in 1958. Pastor Matt and Judy Hallson are church planting missionaries with Northwest Independent Church Extension. NICE has been faithfully planting and assisting churches in 6 Northwest States, British Columbia, and Alaska for over 50 years. We are blessed with many godly friends and mentors at NICE.

www.ifca.org The Independent Fundamental Churches of America has a rich heritage of holding firm to Biblical truth through the tides of liberal and compromising theology. Moscow Bible Church is an IFCA, "Vision America" Mission Church. We enjoy enriching spring and fall Bible conferences in our Regional through the ministry of IFCA.

www.goodseed.com If you want to understand the main theme of the Bible check out the free Bible 101 course online here. Having sat under the teaching of Good Seed founder John Cross we can confidently affirm you will be blessed as this course, packed with scripture, visual aids, and on site filming in Israel, connects the Bibles main theme from cover to cover in a way that will change your view of it forever. We are so impressed we plan on using Good Seed material for many of our Bible studies.

www.gotquestions.org Over 200,000 Bible questions answered! A way cool site that receives hundreds of thousands hits each month from around the world.

Church Service
Sunday mornings at 10
Short's Funeral Chapel
Bible Study
Wednesday afternoons from 3:30-4:30
Please call for location
Fellowship Meal and Bible Study
Tuesday evenings from 5:30-7:30
Please call for location